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Nowadays a healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more desirable across the world, including Russia. People used to pay attention to their health solely when they were ill, whereas now they strive to take care of themselves in advance because they understand the necessity of taking preventive measures.
A nutritious and healthy diet cannot give the human body everything it needs for a balanced physical and spiritual state in the modern man-made world with its polluted air, water, and land, as well as with difficult working conditions. Because of this, the majority of people experience stress and disease.
RUSCAPS LLC was founded in 2013 to supply high quality products at affordable prices to the Russian market. Our main goal is to keep people healthy by providing well-balanced dietary supplements.
All our products are developed specifically for our harsh fast-changing climate. We exclusively employ natural raw materials of mineral, vegetable, or animal origin, and we have all of the necessary certifications and documentation to prove it.
RUSCAPS LLC’s advantages are quality and efficiency at reasonable prices for everyone. Achieve your healthy future with us.


Our products are made from high-quality raw materials supplied directly by DSM Nutritional Products AG, the global leader in the health industry. We are performing numerous quality checks at all production stages starting from raw materials to finished products. We obtained all necessary certificates and declarations confirming the quality of ingredients and finished products.


Our goods are manufactured by Polaris in Murmansk and KorolyovPharm in Korolyov from DSM Nutritional Products AG ingredients.

Polaris is the northernmost food supplement contract manufacturer in the world. The quality of the items is confirmed by the "Best for Children" quality mark and certificates from the "100 Best Goods of Russia" competition. Polaris has been implementing the Food Safety Management System in accordance with the ISO 22000:2005 international standard since 2009. Since 2012, the Food Safety Management System has been introduced and recognized as compliant with the requirements of FSSC 22000.

KorolyovPharm is a contract manufacturer of dietary supplements for food. The company has a quality management system of ISO 9000:2007 and ISO 22000:2007 international standards. In 2009, the company achieved international recognition for its product quality and safety management system, as proven by an expert evaluation of RQA Providing Solutions from Concept to Consumption. The Global Quality Promotion (GQP) Program has awarded the company a Gold Certificate of Quality.

What the company RUSсAPS ready to offer you?


We are ready to offer an individual approach to each customer and the implementation of all or individual stages: preparation of normative and technical documentation, assistance in the selection of packaging, product declaration, production of product samples, quality control at various stages of production


We are always open for cooperation with hypermarkets and pharmacy chains on the production of products under their personal brands. We are ready to offer a full range of services from market analysis and development of a marketing strategy to developing a label design and assistance in registering a drug and obtaining all necessary documents

Our production

«Fish oil»

An additional source of OMEGA-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (EPA and DHA). The human body alone is not able to synthesize omega-3 acids, so their only source is the diet. Fish oil is useful for people of all ages, especially children, pregnant women, people who follow any diets or receive an unbalanced diet.


«Fish oil concentrate Omega-3»

The content of OMEGA-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in this product is 60%, which ensures 30% of the adequate daily intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Main advantages: the highest product quality, convenient dosage and reasonable price.


«Omega-3 fish oil concentrate 75%»

А dietary supplement with Omega-3 fish oil (500 EPA / 200 DHA) for adults. Support healthy blood lipids with a high concentration of the omega-3 fatty acid EPA. Omega-3 fish oil concentrate 75% supports cardiovascular health with a higher level of EPA – an omega-3 fatty acid shown to enhance the metabolism of blood fats, including triglycerides. Omega-3 fatty acids are an essential component of a healthy diet, promoting whole-body health by supporting the heart, blood vessels, brain, muscles, and a normal inflammatory response.

90 gelatin softgels, 750 mg. Each softgel contains at least 75% of MEG-3TM natural fish oil by DSM Nutritional Products AG (Switzerland). MEG-3TM is a trademark of DSM


OMEGA-3 fish oil concentrate + ADEK vitamins

OMEGA-3 acids in the human body are indispensable, which means they must be supplied with food daily. OMEGA-3 fish oil is useful for people of all ages, especially children, pregnant women, people who adhere to any diets or receive an unbalanced diet. And in combination with vitamins, it helps to ensure good health and make up for the deficiency of elements, especially manifested in the winter season.


«Vegetable DHA + D3»

DHA is essential for optimal functioning of the nervous system throughout a person’s life. This substance plays a crucial role in the development of the fetal nervous system from the early stages of embryonic development.
Vitamin D3 increases the bioavailability of calcium and phosphorus. It’s not always possible to get vitamin from the daily diet, therefore, both adults and children, especially those living in big cities, it is recommended to take vitamin complexes containing “sunny” vitamin D3.


«Baby fish oil»

Fish oil in childhood is a must! It has beneficial effects on the growth and development of bones and teeth, hair and nails, helps to maintain vision, strengthens the immune system, increases resistance to stress, reduces nervous irritability and has antioxidant properties.


«Omega-3 fish oil for kids in chewable softgels (strawberry-banana flavor)»

А dietary supplement with Omega-3 fish oil suitable for children of 3 or more years of age, and for adults.
120 chewable softgels, 700 mg.
Main ingredients: MEG-3TM fish oil, sugar, bees wax, strawberry natural flavor, banana natural flavor, tocopherol mix antioxidant (Е306), gelatin shell (edible gelatin, water-retaining glycerin (Е422), starch, glucose, demineralized water, citric acid antioxidant (Е330)).
Omega 3 MEG-3TM fish oil concentration is 35% or more*.

* - MEG-3TM is a trademark of DSM


«Omega-3 fish oil with C, D3 and Zn vitamins»

А dietary supplement with Omega-3 fish oil and vitamins (C, D3, Zn) for adults.
90 softgels, 750 mg

Main ingredients: MEG-3TM fish oil, gelatin shell, zinc lactate, ascorbic acid, cholecalciferol
Omega 3 MEG-3TM fish oil concentration is 35% or more. MEG-3TM is a trademark of DSM

«Vitamin D3»

More than 90% of Russians are deficient in vitamin D3, which is essential for the body. This biologically active supplement helps maintain the necessary level of “solar vitamin”, activates the immune system, relieves fatigue, strengthens bones and teeth, regulates the nervous system, hormone secretion, and participates in the regeneration of cells and blood vessels.


«Folic acid»

Folic acid (B9) is the main female vitamin, the deficiency of which is especially dangerous during pregnancy. Folic acid regulates the function of blood formation, increases the content of choline in the liver and prevents its fatty infiltration, supports immunity and plays a huge role in the development of the fetus: it participates in the formation of the neural tube of the baby and placenta, prevents the occurrence of malformations.


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